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Sushi Yorokobu Bangkok

Best Seasonal Omakase in Bangkok
​曼谷 季節 板前料理
バンコク 季節の板前料理

Master Chef Tango leads the Bangkok culinary team,

ensuring every dish served to our customers is meticulously crafted

3 Japanese Branches in BANGKOK ,7 Branches in HONG KONG , Master Chef over 20 years experience of Japanese Dining

We offer a Genuine Japanese Gastronomic Experience Featuring a range of Carefully Curated Seasonal Ingredients.

Head Chef
Tango Lai

Serve at Sushi Yorokobu Bkk on

20 May 2024 at ThongLor Branch

21 May 2024 at Wireless Branch 

Dinner Time : 17:30 and 20:00

Customers can book through below:

Online Booking System will be Start on

23 April 2024 

Tango Course May 2024


Google Reviews 4.9

Our Guests Speak: Testimonials from Google Reviews

At Sushi Yorokobu Bkk, we're not just about serving great food; we're about creating memorable experiences. We're deeply thankful to all our guests who have taken the time to share their experiences on Google. Your feedback not only inspires us but also helps us grow and improve.

A heartfelt thank you to all our patrons. Your words of appreciation and constructive feedback mean the world to us. It's your support that keeps us motivated to continuously strive for excellence in what we do. We look forward to welcoming you back soon for more culinary adventures at Sushi Yorokobu Bkk !

Award of Sushi Yorokobu 鮨㐂
The Best of the Best Master Chef

The best of the best master chef recommendation restaurant 2022

The Best of the Best Master Chef 2023

Sushi Yorokobu in Hong Kong , got award of "The best of the best master chef" Recommendation Restaurant in 2023.

The Best of the Best Master Chef 2022

Sushi Yorokobu in Hong Kong , got award of "The best of the best master chef" Recommendation Restaurant in 2022.

The Best of The Best Master Chef Year 2023

About Us

Master Chef Tango

Renowned Omakase from Hong Kong , Sushi Yorokobu 鮨㐂 with Master Chef Tango Lai and a talented Thai culinary team bringing you a Unique Omakase Dining Paired with our Specially Crafted Red Vinegar rice | Premium Seasonal Omakase Sushi Yorokobu Bangkok 鮨㐂曼谷 .


Master Chef Tango Lai's 2023 Hong Kong Triumph!

Hong Kong's culinary maestro, Master Chef Tango Lai, seizes the illustrious "Best of the Best Master Chef Recommendation Restaurant in 2023" award. Discover his journey and the award's significance. Bangkok branch patrons, exciting updates are on the way!

3 Branches in Bangkok

7 Branches in HongKong

Head Shop at Hong Kong :

CauseWay Bay Jardine's Bazaar

Bangkok Branch :

ThongLor soi 10

BDMS Wireless Road

Call :

+66 988998740

Shabu Yorokobu

Bangkok :

Ekkamai soi 12

Call :

+66 908882166

Sushi Tachi HK

Sushi Tachi 立鮨

Hong Kong :

Tsim Sha Tsui

Mong Kok

Causeway Bay

Tsuen Wan



Tango Lai yorokobu head chef


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