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An authentic Edomae sushi meal

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Edomae sushi is the traditional sushi variety that evolved in the Japanese capital, called Edo until 1868. As it was here that sushi was cultivated as we got to know it today, you could say that Edomae Sushi is the “original” sushi. As preparation to my next sushi meal I put together an article for this quintessential Old Tokyo experience.

While the origins of sushi go way back, contemporary sushi was first served during the 1820s in Edo, when the fast food business was looking for easy and quick ways to serve food to the affluent population of the day. Vinegared rice with a seafood topping, fresh from the Edo bay, was the perfect fit for a quick meal. Sushi from “in front of Edo” (the literal translation of Edomae) became all the rage.

uni , sea urchin
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