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Sushi Yorokobu Bkk 鮨㐂 - Omakase Bangkok - Kodey Review

Omakase Bangkok - Sushi Yorokobu Bkk 鮨㐂 - Kodey Review

Sushi Yorokobu Bkk 鮨㐂 - Premium Omakase Bangkok

พาคุณเลขาเลี้ยงโอมากาเสะ คอร์สใหญ่ใส่ไม่ยั้ง!!

พาคุณเลขาเลี้ยงโอมากาเสะ คอร์สใหญ่ใส่ไม่ยั้ง!!

Sushi Yorokobu Bkk 鮨㐂 Bkk - Omakase Bangkok ตั้งอยู่ที่ทองหล่อซอย10 - Thonglor 10

จอดรถในอาคาร Blue Chips Building ใครสนใจ สำรองที่นั่งได้ที่

Call : 098-899-8740

มีให้เลือก 2 คอร์สคือ Ajisai 3,500++ 14 รายการ Himawari 6,500++ 18 รายการ **ในภาพจะเป็นชุดนี้

New Menu in August 2022 , Sushi Yorokobu Bkk using new Ingredients to Customers ,

Not Only the Edomae Style and Fusion , especially the taste is upgraded.

Edomae - Red Vinegar is the important ingredient

Edomae sushi restaurants however, use a kind of rice vinegar called Akasu (赤酢/Akazu). This vinegar has it’s historical beginnings in the 1800s, where pure rice could not have been fermented due as it was luxurious an ingredient to be used. Instead, left over sake lees from the sake making process would be stored in wooden boxes and aged over time.

Through years and years of the gentle Mallard reaction, these solids turned from white to black and developed a sweet and earthy aroma. The same ageing reaction here would be the same reaction that is undergone by aged wine, cheese and whiskeys.

The variety of flavour compounds produced from the chemical breakdown inside the sake lees produced a variety of complex flavours. After ageing, the now black sake lees are mixed with water to form a mash known as Moromi (もろみ/醪). Similiar to balsamic vinegar, this mash is constantly turned and compressed.

When fully matured, the mash is strained to form a reddish-black liquid that looks similar to soy sauce. This liquid is inoculated with a vinegar mother and then allowed to undergo acetic acid fermentation. The final product after acetic acid fermentation is a deep concentrated red vinegar, which has the depth of complexity just like a real aged DOP Balsamic vinegar, but with a much lighter and fluid viscosity. When used to make sushi rice, it gives the rice a golden hue.

Japanese Rice with Red Vinegar mixed - Sushi Yorokobu Bkk 鮨㐂 - Omakase Bangkok

Red Vinegar Rice Sushi is the Sole of restaurant's Head Chef

It is this vinegar that is used by sushi masters . It is this mixture (known as awasezu/合わせ酢) that gives each sushi master’s rice it’s very own signature taste. From what I know, the only vinegar brewery that still makes this vinegar is based in Tokyo. This is because the demand for this kind of vinegar is small, plus the entire production process takes a very long time due to the long ageing requirements .

They do however, seem to sell their red vinegar to America under the name “Premium Akasu”. If interested, a quick google search will show you where you can find some. Instead, they have decided to produce a pre-made blend of their red rice vinegar .

Sushi Yorokobu Bkk - Omakase Bangkok - Unique style use 3 different type of Edomae Red Vinegar to mix with Rice - Edomae Sushi

New Menu:

Idea from Head Chef Tango Lai - Sushi Yorokobu Bkk 鮨㐂

Head Chef Tango Lai - Sushi Yorokobu 鮨㐂 - Over 20 Years experience of Japanese food , who make the Unique's taste of sushi with fresh fish .

To Make Reservation below :

Call : 098-899-8740

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